Walls of China Series Prints

It’s not until you experience the uniqueness of Lake Mungo that you realize the extreme beauty and isolation of this incredible and culturally historical area that has played a major part in shaping the country Australia as we know it. From aboriginal and cultural artifacts to European settlers prospering in the 19th and 20th century, Lake Mungo has no shortage of history, dating back 3 times older than that of egyptian times.
Lake Mungo is at the top of my list as the most spectacularly beautiful places you can experience in Australia. The Walls of China come alive as the sun sets in the west, showering the centuries old clay formations with golden sunlight.

I sat at the Walls of China for 10 hours soaking up every element on offer, from Funnel Web spiders making homes in the rest area to Emus grazing through the dry underbrush of the lake itself. I sat within the clay formations as the sun was setting and almost forgot to take photos as I became engulfed as the walls turned from stark shapes to lively golden brown life forms.

This is my series of Walls of China. A series of prints created on one magical day at the Walls of China.

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