Silverton Magic

Silverton is a magical little town a short distance west of Broken Hill, and since visiting I’ve discovered how much I love to photograph historical elements on my journey throughout Australia. Australia has such a rich history for such a young country and everywhere you travel in every town it is present and Silverton is no exception. Littered throughout the town are ruins marking the journey of prospectors and explorers past. The history in this town is unique, which has played host to many a movie set. Currently the town has a population of 40 or 41 if you count the hotel, which is a character in itself. If you visit the hotel, ask to take the test. It’s grueling but you will be better off for it. Don’t blame me if it all goes wrong :0)

Silverton Creek

The above image is available for print here

The above image is available for print here

The town also plays host to a number of Artists and a local photographer Helen Murray.

There is a Mad Max 2 museum and for anyone that grew up in the era of Mad Max movies then this will surely be a trip down memory lane.

So if you ever reach the great outback of Broken Hill then don’t stop there, keep on going and stop by at Silverton.

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