Seven Days With

Every now and then it becomes obvious to me how passionate I am about creativity. My mind never stops creating new ideas and the amazing thing is I have the knowledge and ability to see these ideas from concept to completion.
seven days withThat’s something I find pretty exciting and if I can do that on a full time basis I will. A big part of my passion and the projects I create is having travelled and experienced parts of the world that have had a less privileged upbringing than I have had. Seeing this makes me want to use my passion, creativity and skill set to help make a difference. This leads me to my next big project, Seven Days With. Seven Days With is a concept I have been brewing for a number of years, only recently have I taken the plunge to make this happen and decided on the final concept of Seven Days With.

The Concept
The concept Seven Days With will be an ongoing project where I travel to unique and far out countries to document unique individuals, their work and their family life over a period of seven days. Filming and interviewing and generally getting to core of individuals lives.

Not Alone
I can’t do this alone, I have created a pozible project and need all the help I can get to fund this. If you can’t provide any funding help then all I ask is to share my project with your friends or colleges.

A Video Intro
Check out my video intro on Seven Days With.

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