Senseless Destruction

It makes me sick to think that a company can come into a neighboring country and cause such devastation to a remote wilderness area and not even once consider any environmental impact that this might have.

I’m currently in the Cardamom Mountains in the south west of Cambodia. I am here because a company is building a hydro, actually more than one hydro dam in the remote south west of the Cardamom Mountains. The Cardamom Mountains is home to some of the worlds most critically endangered species and the destruction I am encountering here is nothing less than biblical.


The Siamese Crocodile is just one of the critically endangered species in the Cardamom Mountains, with approximately 250 left in the wild. Directly beneath the construction of this hydro dam site is a breeding site for approximately 15 mature Siamese Crocodiles. These crocodiles are trapped between a large waterfall and the dam site and have no where to go. So here I am with the Australia Zoo Rescue Unit via Fauna and Flaura International documenting through photography, video and social networking the amazing project of rescuing and relocating these critically endangered animals. So far our efforts have been good with the rescue and relocation of one mature female Siamese Crocodile From the dam site. The Rescue unit named her Anglong after the river she was rescued from.

Anglong the Siamese Crocodile

So far the company have simply laughed at our efforts to save crocodiles from the dam site, it all seems very trivial until we catch one, then they are in wonder and want to take photos.

This attitude and mentality is not a problem simply restricted to this company but more so the modern way of thinking. The people in power see nothing but profits and benefits from senseless destruction. Don’t get me wrong as I can see the need for power in this region, but there is a much wiser way of producing this result than the misguided development.

On top of the dam construction comes the ever present illegal logging trade, so the destruction in this region is two prong. There are laws but simply no one to enforce them.

Once again I am reminded of how ruthless and mindless we can be as people. The drive for the almighty dollar seems so pointless, not one person or company seems to have an end game accept to get rich and destroy everything in their path. The end game for our planet is that this game of monopoly will end sooner rather than later if this kind of destruction continues around the world.

Enough is enough!

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