Little Tern Series

I arrived at one of the best wetlands areas in Australia (Coorong) not long ago and was given a brilliant display of acrobatics from the amazing Little Terns that feed in the area. I managed to capture a series of images but ultimately decided on two images that i liked best. Here are those two images and the near frames that I was also considering. What I was looking for was the one image that tells the story of a Little Tern feeding. In the end I couldn’t decide between these two and thought together they tell a better story.

The Little Tern glides on the shore breeze of coastal estuaries looking for small fish. Once they find a fish to feed on they twist in the air keeping their eye on the fish and make a dive into the water. Sometimes successful, sometimes not.
On this occasion the Little Tern was successful. I like this shot and the above shot as it tells a complete story of the Little Tern feeding.

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