Kangaroo Island Wrap Up

I’m currently 41000 feet in the air as I write this post on a Monday evening. I’m exhausted but incredibly excited at the same time, it’s a wierd feeling but I love it.

I have had an amazing 5 days crisscrossing Kangaroo Island, from east to west and south to north. I happily exceeded the kilometer limit on my rental car and saw sights that nobody should miss if they get the chance.
I’ve captured photos and footage of amazing wildlife and landscapes that might only appear in science fiction movies.

I really do hope that at least one or boldly should I say two people enjoy my journeys. I do hope to continue but I might need to take a couple of shorter trips as I look to upgrade to a medium format camera that takes more traditional and pure panoramic photos. These kinds of cameras are expensive.

What can I say specifically about Kangaroo Island? Well I had heard a lot of hype about this place and it is up there in the top destinations for Australian holidays, so I do appreciate the opportunity for you to vote and send me to capture this as best that I could.

Stand out locations on the island are Seal Bay, Vivonne Bay, Baudin Beach, Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. While on Kangaroo Island I can fully recommend doing a quad bike tour (ATV) and visiting the Parndana Wildlife Sanctuary. If you do make it the west side of the island then please make your stay at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Retreat where the Wallabies mingle in the afternoon sun and you can feed them by hand.

A good tip for traveling on the island if you are doing the self tour then please be very careful driving at night. The island is abundant with wildlife and they tend to mingle on or next to the road at night.

Again I wish to thank all that participate in the voting of my photography destinations. I hope to continue as I said and who knows maybe i could make this a full time passion in the very near future. Happy to take sponsors to make this happen :0)


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