Adelaide is a great city with lots of history much like the surrounding towns throughout South Australia. The city is a mixture of modern and historic buildings. Walking the city streets can somewhat be akin to walking a museum.
Glenelg was a must visit and on a hot summer weekend there were plenty of people packing the beaches and the jetty for a chance to cool off.

Glenelg Fun
Glenelg Jetty

An hour north of Adelaide is Port Parham. This is the closest to Adelaide with free camping. Port Parham is a small coastal fishing town. The shoreline is shallow and you need to wade out 400 meters before you enter deep water. The local fisherman use specially built tractors to launch their boats out in the deep water.
I stayed in Port Parham and also Mallala for a number of days while I used the State Library in Adelaide. I managed to get heaps of work done.

Port Parham

On my final day in Adelaide I decided to donate some books to the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s hospital. I donated 20 Drop Bear Roy books for the kids at the hospital and met Sarah and Sandy from the PR team during that time.

Donating some Drop Bear Roy books to the Adelaide Womends and Childrens Hospital

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