A Creative Life!

Well if you didn’t know it I am about 1 week into a journey through the great wide land we call Australia. Why am i doing this? Well I have created some good opportunities for myself and worked hard in the process and now it is time to make these opportunities work out. Sure there is a high potential for these opportunities to crash and burn but darn it I will literally die trying. Besides what could be the worse case scenario? OK let’s not think about that…

I have two main goals with this journey throughout Australia. The first goal is to promote my new children’s book called Drop Bear Roy. I do have an exclusive Australia wide distribution deal but as I have quickly learned that is not enough to guarantee a books success. So off I go to promote and sell through the many market places across Australia.
The second goal is to continue my passion for photography. What better way than to do a tour of OZ and show off this great land. I hope to capture some pretty amazing places, landscapes, people, time-lapses and some cute little macros as well.


For the most part my photography will be spread over my blogs, TimelapseHQ, Love the Pano and my print gallery SmugMug. You can follow me on my journey as I criss cross the countryside on twitter (http://www.twitter.com/brusca) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/brucelevick). I look forward to sharing my experiences throughout this great land.
Brusca xo

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