VIDEO Helping the People of Pidie Jaya

Can you help me raise the funds to help the people effected by the devastating earthquake of December 7 in the region of Pidie Jaya in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Help the village of Kuta Pangwa in Aceh, Indonesia recover from the disastrous 6.4 magnitude earthquake from December 7. More than 100 people were killed, 800 or more were injured and almost 50,000 people displace by the devastating earthquake that hit the Aceh region of Pidie Jaya.

This small village called Kuta Pangwa was at the epicenter of the earthquake. 11 houses were destroyed and 15 people killed in this small village. Leaving this community homeless and living under a tent (see photos and videos) next to their destroyed houses. The government has promised 40 million rupiah ($3500 USD) for each family but this is not enough to rebuild even a small simple home.

How much can we raise?

For atleast one grief stricken mother and now widow who lost her husband and two children in the earthquake we can raise $5000 to help provide the required funding to build her a simple new home to provide relief from this tragedy. But don’t stop there! 11 homes were destroyed leaving 11 families homeless, the more we can raise the more relief we can provide for all the families of this tiny grief stricken village. We need to dig deep.

I have personally been to the village of Kuta Pangwa and surveyed the area and talked to the families. I promise to return with the materials to re-build their homes but I cannot do this alone. I need you the youcaring community to help out this village to provide the funds so I can purchase the materials and pay for the builders to help raise the roofs over these poor families.

Please lets not stop at $5000. These people need all the help they can get.

Thank you to all supporters


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