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New Body

It is something I have been working towards for quite some time. Going FULL FRAME. Up until recently I have never needed the use of the more expensive full frame body’s. I have always managed to maintain my moto of spending less on the body and more on the lenses. But when the now crazy popular A7III was announced as the “basic” model with more features than you can poke a stick at it was an easy decision. The a6500 is a great camera but now was the obvious time for me to pull the trigger on going full frame. […]

Drone Long Exposure

DJI Mavic Pro Nisi Mavic Filter ND 64 .5 second exposure Full image at Local fisherman on the coast of South Sumatra chance their luck on a rocky outcrop during morning fishing. When you have been patiently awaiting the weather to turn for 3 days and the final morning the clouds are still not lifting and the light is still not breaking through, the thought process and creativity has to switch gears. I had gotten a few shots of Wayhawang Beach over the last few days with some nice long exposures under trying conditions and on my final morning […]

Planning is Key

As always for the full image visit my website at the link above. For anyone wanting to use my images please contact me first. Such a beautiful location of a somewhat untouched paradise under a towering waterfall, but surreal in a sense that this little paradise is surrounded by 100's of square kilometers of oil palm plantations. This is a good example of getting lucky but to be honest it is not the best photo I could have captured from this location and I will surely go back on my own time and get the right image. This image is […]

Mavic Pro Portrait Panorama HDR

My first week with the Mavic Pro has been an interesting one. Dodging the weather mostly with the wet season in Indonesia. I am really enjoying the portrait feature on the Mavic Pro, that turns the camera in portraitaspect allowing to capture some amazing panoramic photos. Just an amazing and compact tool the Mavic Pro and perfect for my travels for aerial video and photography.

Aerial Paradise Phantom 4

There is something about the varying aspects of photography that I love like this aerial shot over Enggano Island in Sumatra. Aerial photography is one of those aspects that I have come to love but I am really trying to improve in all areas of my photography be it landscape, aerial and even portraiture photography. I would love to be able to capture the magic, culture and inspiration of all areas I visit. I am currently re-tooling all my camera gear and getting things focused and organised to a tool set that will help me capture all these types of […]


Check out my “ISLANDS FROM ABOVE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY” project as it progresses HERE > Latest adventures chasing paradise around the islands of South East Asia. —————————————————- Location: Pedipo, Enggano Island Gear: DJI Phantom 4 —————————————————- ————— PLEASE READ —————— For ALL PHOTO USE ENQUIRIES please contact me directly through Instagram, Facebook or through Photos are not allowed to be used for any commercial activity unless a license is given and the photo is directly downloaded through the digital downloads at —————————————————- PHOTOS ARE NOT TO BE REPOSTED ON INSTAGRAM UNLESS PERMISSION IS SPECIFICALLY GIVEN AND ONLY THEN […]