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Andy Art Revisited

So back in April I posted Blast from the past, which was a post in regards to Andy Evans, who provided the web world with a plethora of FREE animations, icons and tutorials in the 90’s way before it was cool to do so on his website called Andyart.com (Andy’s Art Attack, now Scream Design). In that post I mentioned I had purchase a disc from his website. Well on that disc is a complete copy of his website, well almost complete, it is missing the portfolio which he explained why in that section. I got some good feedback on […]

Blast from the Past – Andy’s Art Attack

When I started the process of developing my web design skills to compliment my pre press experience around 1996-7 there really wasn’t a lot to go on in terms of online resources for advice, learning and inspiration to develop your skills in this area. There certainly was nothing in terms of classes and university courses. Of course these days online resources are a dime a dozen and there are many design blogs out there discussing best practices and showing off some amazing designs. Over the course of the past 12-13 years, many courses and subjects have flourished in the industry […]