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Sums up My Feelings

This image says a lot and really sums up my feelings on where the world is heading. 

A woman stands on a trash filled beach in Sumatra meanwhile the sky is turning in the most amazing sunset yet she is all too consumed by her phone. She doesn’t notice anything accept what is on her phone. There really are two worlds now. I mean we always like to occasionally escape to the movies and be taken to another place for a couple of hours but of course it’s not reality and just a fleeting 2 hour escape from real life. Unfortunately it seems as though the smart phones have created a virtual reality that is all consuming 24 hours a day and who cares about the real world anymore? Not many people.

Last week a family visited out restaurant, a large family of maybe 9 in total. I watched this family the entire time they dined at our restaurant. Apart from the inconvenience of being drawn away from their phones to order food and drinks not one person said one word to each other the entire time. All 9 people were engrossed in their own world being played out on their smart phone. It was a sad reality.

My wife’s daughter is only 16 and spends every waking second staring at her phone. Any attempt at conversation is met with strained grunting sounds at best. Speaking actual words is just too challenging. Unfortunately I don’t have the parantel power to teach her to be an adult. So it pains me but I do my best to live with that.

As I said it’s a sad reality and we will only learn when the beautiful world around us that we continue to ignore will no longer support us. I can only hope the surviving generations learn the lessons we are currently in the midst of teaching.

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