Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay is situated at the north west end of the Eyre Peninsula and is very close to the start of the Nullarbor. When I reached Streaky Bay it quickly occurred to me that this was a popular resting point for people who have just crossed the Nullarbor or are gathering supplies and energy to cross the Nullarbor.

At first I was struck by the beauty of the area. I have seen a lot of nice bays but Streaky Bay is certainly one of the nicer ones. I decided to hang around for a few days and went about finding the best place to park near Streaky Bay. The first night I found a free camp spot next to the incredible coast line that surrounds the bay at a place called Point Westall located about 30 minutes south of Streaky Bay along a dirt road. I parked near the cliffs and enjoyed a meal while watching the birds dive bomb the water for fish. Another 30 minutes south of Point Westall is a well known seal colony. The road was a bit too rough for my camper to get through so I’ll explore the seal colony another day.

The second day exploring Streaky Bay I stumbled across a job advert for a tourism officer. It occurred to me that there really is not a lot of people taking advantage of this amazing place. There is no resident photographer and their postcards are stock photography. So I thought why not apply for this position and combine my skill sets in fulfilling this role. It turns out they were pretty keen on the idea. I offered them to become the resident photographer and combine that with my web and marketing skills to help put Streaky Bay on the map.

I ended up staying in the caravan park at Streaky Bay for 2 more nights will gathering my application for this position. During my time I managed to snap some nice photos of the local area. My application went through on time but unfortunately I didn’t get through to the interview stages. It’s a real shame as I could honestly see myself living there and showing off the beauty that is Streaky Bay for a few years. That place really needs a tourism officer and I hope they got the right person for the job. Maybe one day I will return. Streaky Bay is another town in my top ten list of places I could live and settle down in.

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