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One of the most important things I try to do with my photography is tell a story. Be it a single frame or through videography. It’s the story that completes the picture. The important point to convey is there is more to a beautiful photo than simply the composition of the image.

There is something about silhouettes that tell a great story. In Bengkulu here the sun sets over the ocean and it creates some really nice contrasting images of silhouettes.
Something I like to do with all my photographs is to try and tell a story, be it a single frame or through videography. There is much more to a beautiful photograph than simply good composition and that is what I am always thinking of when I take a photograph.
If people can see my photographs and escape into another world for a short moment then that makes me happy.

Many people come down to the beach for various reasons in the afternoon. Here a young girl stands by watching the football and checks her mobile for messages. The sun is setti in the background providing vibrant colours and creating her silhouette and reflection in the rising tide.

Silhouette In Bengkulu


DUA island is a small island off the coast of Enggano island. We arrived just as the sun was setting and beautiful colour came over after the sun had set. This is the boat being anchored and you can imagine we circumnavigated Enggano island for four days in the open ocean sometimes in 3 meter swells. These guys really know how to get around in such a tiny boat.

Dua island


Each afternoon at the long beach in Bengkulu you will find many people, mostly kids running around playing football. I love catching a moment in these games that speaks volumes about the fun, action and enjoyment they get from this game on the beach in the afternoons.

Bengkulu Beach Fun

Football Silhouette

Circumnavigating Enggano island was an incredible experience. This image is from the late afternoon of the first day arriving at our camping destination. Enggano island is a 12 hour ferry ride from the mainland of Sumatra.

Enggano Island Silhouette

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