Seven Days With – Illegal Logging

I’m in the process of working through the logistics of Seven Days With and have received a heartfelt letter form a group of villagers in the heart of the illegal logging fight in the Cardamom Mountains.

This is a letter provided to me by a contact who is close to the illegal logging fight in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia. This letter is from a group of villagers fighting to save the forests and save their livelihoods at the same time. This is a cry for attention from these villagers and when you read through you will understand that this issue needs all the attention it can get.


To whom it may concern;

First, kindly allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a group of villagers from several communes, living in the district of Thmo Bang, Koh Kong province. Our district lies within the Central Cardamom Protected Forest (CCPF) and we have teamed up in the last few months in order to draw media attention to a great injustice, which threatens not only our precious and magnificent protected forests but also our very own existence as a people.

The aim of this letter is to provide anyone in the media, who might be interested in exposing these truths, with a basis with which to conduct a safe and efficient investigation about what is going on in our forests. Many of us are willing to speak out. Some are heads of communes within the district and some are villagers directly involved in the logging activities. Read the full letter here.

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