Planning is Key

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Such a beautiful location of a somewhat untouched paradise under a towering waterfall, but surreal in a sense that this little paradise is surrounded by 100's of square kilometers of oil palm plantations.

This is a good example of getting lucky but to be honest it is not the best photo I could have captured from this location and I will surely go back on my own time and get the right image.

This image is part of a job I am doing capturing the beauty that is Bengkulu for a calendar project. Unfortunately I am in the position now of mostly following along with someone else's plans and there is not a lot of thought put into planning for each location leaving me sometimes with only 15 minutes per location to capture a calendar quality image.

This wouldn't be so bad if these locations were not so difficult to get to. For example this location is a 5 hour drive, then 2 hours on an old motorbike through rough sometimes knee deep mud and then 1 hour traversing down a steep cliff side to get to the location. Then do it all again to return. This location I got lucky to have 1 hour total to capture a quality image. I'm not 100% happy with it and didn't get the time to search for the best composition.

It is all about the planning and so important to give yourself the time to find the right image at the right time under the right light. To do that my minimum time would be to camp two days at this location. Set up the hammock and sleep next to the river. That is my plan for the next time and hopefully not have any other people making the "plans".

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