Photography Tip Number 12 – Self Publishing

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So in the previous tip I mentioned on how to get published. Well it can be a difficult process to get published in some of these publications as its a very competitive field this photography. One of the other ways I learnt to get published was to self publish.

I worked hard in researching other ways I could display my wares. I collaborated with people through various portals like eLnace and oDesk and my previous profession of designing and developing websites has really helped me in this area. I collaborated with other developers and built a number of iPad apps to show off my photography. I had some success with those but I no longer dabble in the iPad apps anymore. I also created and still create downloadable ebooks. For a small fee I show you how I produce specific types of photos like in time-lapse photography ebooks.

I am currently in the process of designing a coffee table book based on my trip through Australia. I have previously self published a children’s book called Drop Bear Roy so I have built up a good list of contacts and distributors to help sell the book around Australia.

So my advice if you are not having much luck getting published then work on getting self published.

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