NPhoto Issue 26 November 2013

There are many rewards that can be gained by practicing photography. Personally the first reward I receive from photography is seeing an image through my own eyes and then capturing that image through the process of photography. It’s rewarding to see the final image come together. The second for me is to utilise my photography to make a difference in the world. To improve lives and to raise awareness for issues that are generally swept under the carpet has it’s set of rewards also, and I find it hugely important. For me also it’s very important to have my photography recognised. At times I go to great lengths to capture photographs and to have them published and recognised world wide is yet another reward that I truly love. On more than one occasion NPhoto have come calling for my photos and it’s with pleasure that I can provide the images they need for their publication. The latest issue 26 of NPhoto has my Bendigo War Memorial photo from my travels through Australia. This particular article is on lenses so the wide angle shot of the Bendigo War Memorial truly worked well for such an article.

There obviously other rewards and in times of struggle and as photography continues to go thorough it’s own digital revolution it’s important to not lose focus on the rewards you gain from photography and important to grow those rewards as the photography age grows and changes.

Bendigo War Memorial
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