iTWire – Adobe’s AIR is RIA-lly good

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The new beta of Adobe’s Integrated Runtime, AIR (formerly ‘code-named’ Apollo) can now be downloaded, allowing developers to create ‘Web 2.0’ Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that run online and off.

Adobe is breathing new air and life into the world of web browsers and the ability to run online applications when offline with the Adobe Intergrated Runtime, or AIR, and their now publicly available SDK.

AIR lets developers create ‘rich Internet applications’ (RIA) in HTML with CSS, AJAX, Flash or Adobe’s new Flex software, and then use the ‘embedded local database’ and more in Adobe’s AIR to make offline cross-platform web apps that you can run anytime a reality for everyone, instead of being cut off when you’re…

iTWire – Adobe’s AIR is RIA-lly good.

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