Daily Photo – Pulau Beautiful

After finding turtle eggs for sale at the local markets I asked where the seller had taken them from and he pointed out a local beach found at Pulau Baai in Bengkulu here. I decided that afternoon I would go and take a look and see if I could locate the nesting grounds and possibly talk to the locals around the area and see what I could find.
To get to the beaches at the end of the bay you have to travel through multitudes of coal stock piles where ships are loaded with coal to transfer over seas. It’s the filthiest and dirtiest ride you can take and a real shame because the pristine sands at the end of the bay are stunning and would make for a nice day trip for the locals if not needed to ride through the thick layers of coal dust on the ground and in the air.
I was amazed at the location and will be going back to spend more time and hopefully to finally locate the turtle nesting grounds, which I did not find yet.

Daily Photo - Pulau Beautiful
Daily Photo – Pulau Beautiful

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  1. Bruce Levick on Facebook

    I don’t think they understand the situation really. All part of educating and awareness. Turtles are a part of the culture here and are traditionally eaten so it’s not uncommon to see the eggs and meet sold at the markets. I’m keen to find the nesting grounds and start letting people know.

  2. Stephen Flynn on Facebook

    dawn is when you want to spot the turtle tracks leading to the nest, and the tracks of the turtles receding to the ocean. low tide is at 4:50 am today. they generally (in Australia at least) lay above the high tide mark, so in the next few days, you may be lucky..my best guess?? Its a nice place for surfing too…shame about that horrible back door though, your clothes get covered in coal dust… if its low tide you can take a turn off before the coal, go through the village of teluk sepang, hit the beach and ride up to samudra ujung, bypassing the worst of the bumpy track that way 🙂 heading there now..

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