Daily Photo – Market Colours

In a place like Sumatra the locals thrive off buying and selling at the markets. There is an amazing abundance of flavour and colours going on and plenty of bargaining for the best price. The locals love a bargain and they love to hike the price for westerners like me. Only until they hear my response and suddenly realise i’m just like someone from Indonesia having been here for a while i’ve learnt the art of negotiating with the locals and enjoy getting to know the characters around town.

Daily Photo - Market Colours
Daily Photo – Market Colours

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  1. Stephen Flynn on Facebook

    In Australia you pay the same price the minute you step off the plane everything mahal for everyone lol. In 25+ years of coming to Indonesia that is rarely the case for orang asing… fair? No..reality?..yes. Generally I don’t mind giving people a little bonus. But I tend to go back to the warung/vendors/resto/toko yang adil 🙂 I know all the local prices and never argue when I get ripped off. Easy solution don’t ever go back. By the way wondering how long you need live in a place before your considered a local??

  2. Bruce Levick on Facebook

    The bargaining is the fun part and the locals love it of you speak the language. Generally they consider you a local if you speak well enough. I have certainly learnt the difference between an honest vendor and someone who’s looking for a quick buck. I also don’t mind giving extra or paying the full rate for the regulars I visit. All a fun part of learning a new culture.

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