Daily Photo – Krui Tide

There are some good elements about this photo but overall i’m not happy with the result and I will explain why.

First of all the process I used to develop this image was using 4 photos. Three photos were taken to process as a HDR and a fourth was taken with the use of ND filters to capture the movement of the incoming tide. After the HDR was processed I then masked the incoming tide over the top. The idea and the concept was a good, but the execution slightly off. What i’m not happy about is the exposure of the rock in the HDR processing. Unfortunately I used the wrong f-stop settings or not enough variations to capture an accurate exposure around the edges of the rock leaving me with no option to fix that awful lighting around the edges of the rock. Looks like a good excuse to return to Krui :).


Incoming tide krui
Incoming tide krui

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