Daily Photo – Fun with the Orphans

Have been enjoying more fun times with the orphans recently and we brought over a new care package sent from a friend in New Zealand. Part of the care package had these cool little capsules, which when plunged into hot water emerge and expand to be foam animals. We all decided to try one out together and before the capsule went in we all had a guess at which animal it might be. At the end of the day it was a black panther that emerged. Of course all of them claimed to have guessed correctly.
Working with and helping provide for the Zam Zam orphanage has been an amazing experience and I am inspired to continue that work through Berdiri. Soon Berdiri will have some great new projects and some big news to go with that. Can’t wait to safe that with you all.

Daily Photo - Fun with the Orphans
Daily Photo – Fun with the Orphans

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