Coffin Bay

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As part of my Eyre Peninsula visit I had to visit Coffin Bay. I mean the name alone intrigues me. So after my time spent in the Port Lincoln National Park I headed west to reach Coffin Bay on the south west side of the Eyre Peninsula.

Coffin Bay is a small town and one of many named by the early British explorers in the 1800’s. There are certainly some intriguing names situated around the Eyre Peninsua and Coffin Bay is one among many, as well as the humorously named Avoid Bay, which I didn’t avoid by the way. Having a name like that only makes me more curious.

Like Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay also has a national park in the same name. the Coffin Bay national park is situated very close to the town and the majority of the park is paved road, unlike Port Lincoln national park. I found it a very pleasant drive through the park and found a popular camping ground on the west side of the park. I decided to stay for 2 days and explore the national park and see if I could track down a sea eagle to photograph as this part of Australia is known for its Sea Eagles.

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My camping spot was superb, right on the shore of a small inlet in Coffin Bay and the sounds of wildlife were abundant. Each day I would motor off for a tour of the park. The coast line in the Coffin Bay National Park is spectacular. Very much like the Great Ocean Road but without all the tourists.

I found some amazing landscapes on the eastern side of the park and also plenty of islands with multitudes of bird life. I spotted a Sea eagle late on the first day and spent a lot of my second day in the park trying to find the best location to photograph it. To no avail.

Coffin Bay is on my list on top ten places I could live. It is the perfect size town with an amazing national park and wildlife on its door step. I could settle there quite easily one day.

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