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mySumatra Kemumu Highlights

My mission to show off this beautiful island continues as I venture and explore new parts. So keep an eye on my mySumatra channel for more videos like this one.

Experience Life – VIDEO

I’m working on getting back into the groove of creating videos and films and telling stories again. After all that was my original plan. I have so many simultaneous projects on the go here in Sumatra and it would be a literal crime if I did not share the journey I am taking trying to fulfil these projects, from the day to day challenges and the travel and of course the incredible culture I am surrounded by here in Indonesia. Unfortunately I have allowed a few distractions to get in the way of that plan and fall into a funk, […]

Finding Nemo

I’ve been exploring Sumatra for four years. Traversing the landscapes and photographing the wildlife, nature and culture that sums up the beauty of Sumatra. But I’m on a new exploration in the Indian ocean now and have a new meikon housing to go with my a6000. It sure did the job and it wasn’t difficult to get the hang of it. I found Nemo and his family only 20 meters in from the beach, the very beach I now call my own in the remote Indian ocean. So in actual fact this is technically my back yard. Not a bad […]

Central Java Film

I have spent a bit of time recently in Central Java. Places like Semarang, Kendall and Jogja. Central Java, much like a lot of Indonesia holds some amazing beauty. I even hired a motorcycle on one trip and took a 2 hour ride to the coast line where I spent a few days photographing. The sound track for this film is the call to prayer. I spent the month of Ramadhan in Indonesia and it was an interesting experience to say the least. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Concept Portrait Shoot

What a great concept shoot it was with the some of my new photog friends here in Bengkulu, Sumatra. Joe Themafia really has his creative mind switched on and is going places with his photography in Bengkulu. There is an amazing community of photographers here in Bengkulu and I am privileged to find myself mixing with them every time I am back in Bengkulu. Looking forward to more of this and more to come.


Sometimes things come along that move you to stop what you are doing and strengthens you to help and make a difference. [column size=”2-3″ last=”0″] [wp_eStore_fancy1 id=14] [/column] [column size=”1-3″ last=”1″] Purchase this photography print for your home or office or even your bedroom wall. [/column] This is the case with my involvement in helping SAVE BONA! I had heard of Bona through the persistant facebook posts a couple of good friends had been posting. They were sharing the story and the plight of little Bona, who had lost her Mum, most likely through the palm oil plantations habitat destruction. […]