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My Escape…

This is my ride to my island home. Sometimes I feel a taste of isolation is everything the body and mind needs…

Daily Photo – Lone Beach

As the sun sets on the Belitung Islands things get a little quiet. Our rental boat was supposed to be returned an hour earlier but who could want to leave such a place for a deadline? Not me. So we arrived back to beach where we began in the dark and I don’t care it was worth it, the Belitung Islands I want to make my new home :).

The Re-edit of Bendigo War Memorial

The success of my Bendigo War Memorial photo taken a few years ago has been nice, being published a few times, especially in the UK magazines. I also threw it up for critique a while back and based on that critique I have made a second edit of the original HDR photo. To describe the changes I decided to correct the lens distortion to make the building more realistic. Initially I really liked the perspective created by the lens distortion, but wanted to see an edit with this corrected. This was the main correction. I’ve also extended the width to […]

war memorial second edit

The Blacksmith

I found myself with some time to spend while heading north to the Flinders Ranges I stopped in at Burra and really enjoyed the history in this town. While there I ventured through some of the historical museums and soaked up what it might have been like to live in this day and age. Certainly not easy from what I gathered of the history and hardship endured in this town and of the region. The only thing this image is missing is an old guy whacking on some multen metal, shaping someones tool or a hoof for a horse. Love […]