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VIDEO Helping the People of Pidie Jaya

Can you help me raise the funds to help the people effected by the devastating earthquake of December 7 in the region of Pidie Jaya in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Watch the Video >> How to help >> Help the village of Kuta Pangwa in Aceh, Indonesia recover from the disastrous 6.4 magnitude earthquake from December 7. More than 100 people were killed, 800 or more were injured and almost 50,000 people displace by the devastating earthquake that hit the Aceh region of Pidie Jaya. This small village called Kuta Pangwa was at the epicenter of the earthquake. 11 houses were […]

The Streets of Aceh

I was drawn to help out the people of Pidie Jaya in Aceh when the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck. These guys I spotted on the road and reminded me of a Wes Anderson movie… all Wes Anderson movies. Here is the link for the support required to help the people rebuild in Aceh. —————————————————- Location: Pidie Jaya, Aceh Gear: Sony a6000, Zeiss 16-35mm —————————————————- ————— PLEASE READ —————— For ALL PHOTO USE ENQUIRIES please contact me directly through Instagram, Facebook or through Photos are not allowed to be used for any commercial activity unless a license is given and […]

Daily Photo – The Journey is only Beginning

The Sumatran Elephant is on the brink of extinction in the wild yet the journey to save them is only just beginning and it’s going to be a tough one to save them and other species in Sumatra. In this daily photo are 5 elephants stationed in the mountains of Banda Aceh and they patrol the conservation areas trying to protect the wild herds from human encroachment and human conflict. For more

Daily Photo – Aceh Hillside

While visiting the various elephant camps of Aceh, which I must tell you takes a lot of driving and is the least fun part but the surrounding villages and mountains of the Aceh region are some of the most beautiful on the island of Sumatra. In April I spent 5 days traveling through the region of Aceh and just love the hills and mountains of the region. I will spend more time there soon and explore the region more completely.

Daily Photo – Layers Aceh

While taking time out between documenting the Elephants of Sumatra in Banda Aceh I wanted to see for myself and photograph the location where the 2004 tsunami took place. It was truly humbling to be there and talk to the people and imagine the destruction that took place. Unfortunately for photographing the location and a possible sunset the weather did not cooperate but in between rains I managed to get a focus and layer photo of the surrounding islands.

Daily Photo – Sadat the Sumatran Big Boy!!

Meet Sadat!! He is the biggest captive elephant in Sumatra and is very impressive with a full set of tusks, and he wrighs in at 4 tones. Sadat was one of the elephants who worked in the debris after the tsunami hit Aceh, and rescued many people and helped remove a lot of the heavy rubble that had washed up with the tsunami. This is a photo I took while documenting the great work of the NGO Vesswic in the Aceh province of Indonesia. For more information check out

Daily Photo – Azis Sumatran Elephant

Traveling through Sumatra has become the norm but I’m not taking it for granted. While on a trip to Aceh to document the amazing elephants of Sumatra in the camps in west Sumatra suddenly an amazing scene appeared in front of me. With the elephants making their way to the base camp for medical checkups they appeared though the thick forests of Aceh and were framed nicely and snapped some nicely molded photos. This is Azis, a big male of Aceh camp Saree.

Elephants of Sumatra

Daily Photo – Sun Bear Sedih

While on my recent field trip to Banda Aceh I had the privilege of visiting the local conservation offices and met quite a few unfortunate animals in captive situations due to their habitat being destroyed and causing human conflict with the wildlife. I meet this little guy who was actually trying to pick the lock on his cage, he was that desperate to get out. Unfortunately he was not ready for release but he really pulled on my heart strings with his sad face. I would be pretty sad too trapped in that little cage. Today marks the start of […]

The Streets of Banda Aceh

I’ve been on the road in Banda Aceh, the city and the surrounding country documenting the great work of the NGO Vesswic with the critically endangered elephants of Sumatra. I had a day or two either side to see the city and photograph some of the surrounds. Since the tsunami the city has come a long way and people are living their lives normally but I couldn’t help having the feeling that each night they must have in the back of their minds a small piece of fear that the fateful day will repeat itself.