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Planning is Key

As always for the full image visit my website at the link above. For anyone wanting to use my images please contact me first. Such a beautiful location of a somewhat untouched paradise under a towering waterfall, but surreal in a sense that this little paradise is surrounded by 100's of square kilometers of oil palm plantations. This is a good example of getting lucky but to be honest it is not the best photo I could have captured from this location and I will surely go back on my own time and get the right image. This image is […]

Long Time no See

This is my 5th year now living abroad and while the wheels are still spinning I haven’t seen the results I was hoping for. The year of 2017 will see big changes and a renewed focus on what matters and why I am here. So expect to see the tide go out on a few projects this year and the tide come in on renewed focus on my photography and video production. There is one brick and mortar project that keeps me busy and that is our ever growing restaurant on the beachfront in Bengkulu and that is where this […]

Tea Field of Dreams…

Exploring the tea fields surrounding the city of Kepahiang in Bengkulu, Sumatra. I visited these fields a few years ago but until now didn’t realise how big they are. They are big is an understatement. The tea fields also have spotty patches of forest within them, which I knew would be a prime location for some birds of prey. It didn’t take long for them to start doing swift passes at the Mavic Pro. So I snagged this panorama before I got taken down by a fast diving eagle.

Emotional Photography

I always want to capture all elements of life and culture and not just beautiful landscapes, but sometimes I also try to use my photography to help people when life has dealt them a cruel blow. In December an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude struck the coastal region of Aceh and over 100 lives were lost and many thousand were injured and made homeless. I travelled to the epicenter only 3 days after the earthquake struck to see what I could do to help in the hope my photography might be able to capture the moment and spark people into helping […]

Mavic Pro Portrait Panorama HDR

My first week with the Mavic Pro has been an interesting one. Dodging the weather mostly with the wet season in Indonesia. I am really enjoying the portrait feature on the Mavic Pro, that turns the camera in portraitaspect allowing to capture some amazing panoramic photos. Just an amazing and compact tool the Mavic Pro and perfect for my travels for aerial video and photography.

New Canvas Prints Available for Purchase

I’ve been so busy project wise that I haven’t been able to update or add new available prints online for a while. Time to make the updates. I have added 5 new prints to my Indonesian canvas prints shop. Indonesia is a spectacularly beautiful place and i’m happy to be able to bring it to you through my eyes and now you have the opportunity to have prints available on your wall in your home or office. Click on the images below for size options or head directly to my online shop here.        

2016 Photography Workshops

The tours have a limit of 10 people so get in while the spots last. Here is the initial list of workshops within Indonesia and the Philippines, with the possibility of adding more in the coming weeks before the end of the new year. With south east Asia being so accessible these days it’s the perfect time to mix a holiday with a photography learning experience. Indonesia Mt Bromo Yogyakarta Temples and Beaches Pacu Jawi Flores Volcanos and Culture Bali Temples Philippines El Nido Aerial photography and videography workshop

Indian Ocean Freeze Frame

I’m always on the go these days and if i’m not working with the elephants of Sumatra i’m usually fulfilling another personal photography project or even new conservation project. My latest chapter to being is some new adventures on the Indian Ocean exploring the beautiful Enggano Island and the surrounding islands. It’s a truly beautiful part of the world and I will be a more regular visitor now the family has invested in a small slice of this paradise.