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Planning is Key

As always for the full image visit my website at the link above. For anyone wanting to use my images please contact me first. Such a beautiful location of a somewhat untouched paradise under a towering waterfall, but surreal in a sense that this little paradise is surrounded by 100's of square kilometers of oil palm plantations. This is a good example of getting lucky but to be honest it is not the best photo I could have captured from this location and I will surely go back on my own time and get the right image. This image is […]

Tea Field of Dreams…

Exploring the tea fields surrounding the city of Kepahiang in Bengkulu, Sumatra. I visited these fields a few years ago but until now didn’t realise how big they are. They are big is an understatement. The tea fields also have spotty patches of forest within them, which I knew would be a prime location for some birds of prey. It didn’t take long for them to start doing swift passes at the Mavic Pro. So I snagged this panorama before I got taken down by a fast diving eagle.

2016 Photography Workshops

The tours have a limit of 10 people so get in while the spots last. Here is the initial list of workshops within Indonesia and the Philippines, with the possibility of adding more in the coming weeks before the end of the new year. With south east Asia being so accessible these days it’s the perfect time to mix a holiday with a photography learning experience. Indonesia Mt Bromo Yogyakarta Temples and Beaches Pacu Jawi Flores Volcanos and Culture Bali Temples Philippines El Nido Aerial photography and videography workshop

Top 15 HDR photos from Sumatra

Well I’ve recently decided to try and narrow down my 1000’s of Sumatra photos into a top 15. It’s a tough choice, maybe too tough. So I’ve decided to first narrow down the top 15 in certain categories first. Below are my top 15 HDR images from around Sumatra. I have 100’s of processed HDR shots, some that are yet to be shared, I’ll get there one day. Scroll to view all 15.

Bukittinggi Village HDR

Photography Tip Number 31 – Keep Believing

Follow all the madness here, or sign up for the notifications here. Welcome to my final tip in march madness. I hope you enjoyed all my random bite sized tips throughout the month. My final tip is more of a philosophical one. If you’re trying to make a living from photography, and we all know it’s hard, I am struggling the same as you are if not more in some ways. Find your niche and stay true to your passion. Keep believing in yourself even if it feels like no one else does. Keep pushing towards what you want to […]

Photography Tip Number 30 – Continuos Shooting

Follow all the madness here, or sign up for the notifications here. All the latest DSLR cameras have some kind of continuos shooting mode. Some faster than others and some that last for a lot more photos than others in a sequence of shots. Here is a simple little tip to get more out of your continuous shooting mode. Instead of shooting in RAW as you might prefer most of the time in your photo shoots, switch the camera photo settings to FINE or JPG. in a lot of cases this will speed up your frames per second for continuous […]

Photography Tip Number 29 – The Reflector

Follow all the madness here, or sign up for the notifications here. If ever you are stuck for a light source during an outdoor shoot during the day, it can be very handy to have a reflector on hand. They are compact, light and easy to pack and unpack. They are not expensive and come in multiple colors like gold, silver and white for diffusing the sun light. Even as a solo shooter with a friend or a model a reflector is easy to manage and use by attaching to another tripod or lit stand. Follow all the madness here, […]

Photography Tip Number 28 – Photo Library

Follow all the madness here, or sign up for the notifications here. If you are like me and take a lot of photos. We’re talking many thousands of photos. Then it’s time to invest in some photo management software. In specific something to help you create and manage a library. My favourite at the moment is Lightroom, but I was once an advocate of Aperture by Apple but found that became a bit too slow once the libraries of photos became quite big. With Lightroom you can manage your libraries and do everything you need to do to edit your […]

Photography Tip Number 27 – Simple Time-lapse Tips

Follow all the madness here, or sign up for the notifications here. Some of the latest DSLR cameras have an intervelometer built in which is just a fancy way of saying it can take multiple photos in a time-lapse sequence. Here are some simple tips to help you create some cool time-lapse sequences. The first tip is to try your best to set the camera and lens on manual modes. Set the exposure settings for your camera and leave the settings on manual. This will stop the camera from adjusting the exposure over your sequence creating a flickering effect in […]