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Some Macro Goodness

I’ve been experimenting with the Nikkor 105mm Macro lens. From Hornets in Cambodia to grasshoppers in Australia, this lens is simply amazing. All of these shots are off tripod so I’ll also have to experiment with the tripod and proper lighting. That should amount to an event better result.

Fueling my Passion

For me I can think of nothing more than solely focusing on my love and my passion for creativity. I’ve had a burning passion for creativity since a very early age. For me it’s a tragedy for any “artist” to feel the need to take a job, which is a distraction from the creative process just so they can pay the bills.

Niche Update – Traffic Report

So leading up to Christmas has been a busy time and this shows in the visitors overview in the diagram below. Up until only 5 days ago the site had been running itself, pretty much on autopilot. Without the time to create compelling content the traffic has not been all that great. Then I managed to get some time to deliver a couple of very cool time-lapse videos I had taken on a recent trip to Tasmania. Since then the traffic has leaped up to between 50-70 visitors per day.

Help Portrait 2010

Photo by Toby Scott When I decided to get involved with Help Portrait in 2009 after seeing this video and being inspired by the test event it was an easy decision to do it again in 2010. This time I met with the Brisbane Help Portrait team to participate and assist in their shoot at Lightspace in the Valley. This was a great day of shooting and putting smiles on faces and just generally connecting with some amazing people. I look forward to having the opportunity to do it again next year, wherever I am. 

Brisbane Zombie Walk 2010 – The Joker Returns

The Joker Returns The Brisbane Zombie Walk of 2010 was huge. Thousands of zombies took to the streets of Brisbane. The complete flickr set is here. Well 30 odd from the 400 photos I took. The Brisbane Zombie Walk is an annual event that started in 2004 and has grown in size each year, with the 2009 walk holding the unofficial record for the largest Zombie Walk in the world. The Brisbane Zombie walk is also a charity event helping to raise funds for the Brain Foundation of Australia. Photo Tools Used Nikon D90 12.3 million Effective pixels Image […]

Red-bellied Black Snake

This rescue is part of the Australia Zoo TV initiative. This was one of the scariest rescues I have had to document so far, right along side the Bull-shark rescue. This Red-bellied Black snake was entangled in bird netting and was pretty angry and willing to bite anything including himself. Here Toby and Kado have the tube on the snake so they can safely remove the bird netting. This rescue will be aired on in the coming months so keep an eye out for it to see the end result. Photo Tools Used Nikon D90 12.3 million Effective pixels […]

Baby Wombat

Taken on a Nikon D90 Photo Tools Used for the above photo iPhone 4 The iPhone 4 camera is a huge improvement on the previous iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 4 camera specs are: 5.0 Mpixels (2592 x 1936) 1/3.2″ back-illuminated CMOS sensor 4:3 aspect ratio 35 mm film camera crop factor: 7.64 Low ISO 80 (or better) 3.85 mm lens focal length f/2.8 lens aperture Autofocus: tap to focus With the camera improvement and screen improvement, iPhone 4 photos just seem to pop. Amazing clarity. iPhone 4 camera apps used in my photos Camera+ iPhone App by tap tap tap […]