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Niche Site Full Update

It’s been a seriously busy start to the year. I have had a lot of client work roll in so once again my time has been very limited towards working on my niche site. I have to say it’s not really work, i’m having a ball with delivering cool content when I can and providing tips and tricks wherever I can.

I have a few updates to share with you and despite not having a lot of time to throw into it, things continue to grow.

Traffic and Keyword Monthly Comparison

Below is a comparison between February and January for my top 4 keywords/phrases and the improvements as you can see are going nicely. These top 4 keywords also just happen to be the main keywords I am targeting and i’m on the 1st or 2nd page of Google for all of these keywords with time-lapse content.

Niche Update – Traffic Report

So leading up to Christmas has been a busy time and this shows in the visitors overview in the diagram below. Up until only 5 days ago the site had been running itself, pretty much on autopilot. Without the time to create compelling content the traffic has not been all that great. Then I managed to get some time to deliver a couple of very cool time-lapse videos I had taken on a recent trip to Tasmania. Since then the traffic has leaped up to between 50-70 visitors per day.

Niche Challenge – Ad Revenue Update

So far things with my Niche site are working out quite well. Unfortunately though time has been a killer and I have not had nearly enough time to spend on developing the content. I may have to look deeper into outsourcing some of this, obviously not the video tutorials. I have managed to generate a good amount of traffic (more details on that method in another post), and below are screen grabs from my adsense account (7 day report) that is running ads on my niche site As you can see the revenue is not all that great but […]

Niche Challenge – The Revenue Strategy

For all posts relating to this Niche Challenge Sorry for not updating you earlier. I have been on the road and also had a lot of requests from clients that have taken priority, that’s just the way that it goes. Needless to say on my photography trip I did take a time lapse of the sun setting over the 12 Apostles, which I will be sure to add to in the coming week. The Keywords and Ranking I had been watching my keywords right up until the moment I walked out the door to go on my trip. I […]

Niche Challenge Part 2 – Logo and Content

For all posts relating to this Niche Challenge The Logo Concepts The initial concepts came through (see my earlier post for outsourcing the logo design) and there were a few not so good but a couple of ones that I did not mind. I soon realised the typo, and “time-lapse” needed to be hyphenated. I chose the second option here and asked for some adjustments. The Finished Logo After suggesting some changes to suit a more web style logo the final result is in (located to the right). Now it turned out that the camera in this logo concept is […]

Niche Challenge Part 1

For all posts relating to this Niche Challenge Domain name I chose my domain for my niche challenge to be registered ($10) through my account with Dreamhost. Below follows the setup process for this initial stage. Installed and configured WordPress I installed WordPress through the Dreamhost one click install setup. A very handy no fuss and automated setup and upgrade process for WordPress. WordPress Theme I decided to go down the lines of purchasing a professionally produced theme, called Hybrido purchased off ThemeForest. Now most WordPress themes are FREE so my reasoning for purchasing a professional theme ($37 USD) […]

My Niche Challenge

I have decided to join Pat Flynn and Tyrone Shum and others on a Niche challenge. I have been thinking about joining them for a month now as that is how long the challenge has been going on for. The challenge is to choose a niche category/product and develop an online presence around that niche, which generates an income. I have been developing online for many years but never have I focused solely in this particular aspect of drawing traffic to a niche, I’ve always been focused on the development side. So as Pat and Tyrone say, this is a […]