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Tea Field of Dreams…

Exploring the tea fields surrounding the city of Kepahiang in Bengkulu, Sumatra. I visited these fields a few years ago but until now didn’t realise how big they are. They are big is an understatement. The tea fields also have spotty patches of forest within them, which I knew would be a prime location for some birds of prey. It didn’t take long for them to start doing swift passes at the Mavic Pro. So I snagged this panorama before I got taken down by a fast diving eagle.

New Canvas Prints Available for Purchase

I’ve been so busy project wise that I haven’t been able to update or add new available prints online for a while. Time to make the updates. I have added 5 new prints to my Indonesian canvas prints shop. Indonesia is a spectacularly beautiful place and i’m happy to be able to bring it to you through my eyes and now you have the opportunity to have prints available on your wall in your home or office. Click on the images below for size options or head directly to my online shop here.        

2016 Photography Workshops

The tours have a limit of 10 people so get in while the spots last. Here is the initial list of workshops within Indonesia and the Philippines, with the possibility of adding more in the coming weeks before the end of the new year. With south east Asia being so accessible these days it’s the perfect time to mix a holiday with a photography learning experience. Indonesia Mt Bromo Yogyakarta Temples and Beaches Pacu Jawi Flores Volcanos and Culture Bali Temples Philippines El Nido Aerial photography and videography workshop

Indonesia Photography Tours

I’ve spent the last two years travelling in Indonesia, my main focus being the beautiful island of Sumatra, and I have stumbled across some amazing beauty hidden within this archipelago and some more I am sure I am yet to discover. I want you to join me on that discovery and photograph some of the most beautiful places to be found with the Indonesian archipelago. I am personally teaming up with my good friends from Alesha Wisata in Bengkulu to make it all happen. Starting with Bengkulu and the island of Belitung I will be taking photography tours and expanding […]

Bukit Tinggi Fields Two

A 700km drive to the north of the city of Bengkulu lies Bukit Tinggi nestled in the mountains and jungles of west Sumatra. It’s a long and windy beach road but well worth the travel for a time out from south Sumatra. The main form of work here is to grow and harvest rice and vegetables. It’s refreshing to walk the small back roads among the fields to watch the locals and see them ply their trade. The height of the city lends itself to colder temperatures which was a welcome change to the heat of Bengkulu. Looking forward to […]

Silhouette Stories

One of the most important things I try to do with my photography is tell a story. Be it a single frame or through videography. It’s the story that completes the picture. The important point to convey is there is more to a beautiful photo than simply the composition of the image. There is something about silhouettes that tell a great story. In Bengkulu here the sun sets over the ocean and it creates some really nice contrasting images of silhouettes. Something I like to do with all my photographs is to try and tell a story, be it a […]

The Bengkulu Beach Silhouettes

I love the stories the silhouettes tell against the setting sun in Bengkulu, Sumatra. It’s a blend of vibrant rich colours provided by the setting sun against the game of football that is played every afternoon at the beach in Bengkulu. This might be the dawn of a new series inspired by the story telling to be found in the afternoon silhouettes.

The Bengkulu Beach Silhouette

While Waiting…

While waiting is a testament to my photography tip number ONE. The best camera is the one that is with you (hat tip Chase Jarvis). I was riding my bike and stopped on the side of this typical Bengkulu street. I had my camera strapped around my neck as I often do and suddenly through the clouds, trees, houses and electricity wires comes a very nice light. While I obviously did not use my tripod while on my bike I still managed to get off a nice HDR. The light only lasted about one minute and then disappeared back behind the […]

While Waiting

Top 15 Wildlife Photos from Sumatra

It’s a tough job narrowing down 15 of my favourite wildlife photos from Sumatra. I’ve spent a lot of time in the remote area of the Elephant Conservation Center, so needless to say my top 15 photos will include a lot of Bona photos. But I should point out that Sumatra is rich and diverse in wildlife. More diverse than most countries and it is a tiny part of the world. But the wildlife here is sadly in peril due to mans greed. How can we bulldoze such amazing creatures into extinction. It boggles my mind and I am here […]

Top 15 HDR photos from Sumatra

Well I’ve recently decided to try and narrow down my 1000’s of Sumatra photos into a top 15. It’s a tough choice, maybe too tough. So I’ve decided to first narrow down the top 15 in certain categories first. Below are my top 15 HDR images from around Sumatra. I have 100’s of processed HDR shots, some that are yet to be shared, I’ll get there one day. Scroll to view all 15.

Bukittinggi Village HDR