The Apostle of Sumatra

Driving along the south west coast of Sumatra between the Seblat Elephant Conservation Center and Bengkulu city, I have done countless times, but only just recently I caught a glimpse of something through the trees scattered along the coast and suddenly I was transported back to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, in my trusty hi-ace camper-van scouting Australia for some great landscapes. I had to do a double take and for sure there it was, Sumatra’s own Apostle. I made a mental note to come back as soon as possible as I wasn’t travelling alone at the time. So exactly one week later I ventured back and re-found the little apostle in order to capture it’s beauty in setting sun over the Indian ocean.
I post processed two images in HDR (high dynamic range) and decided to do two variations, one with a warm tone and one with a cooler tone. Which one do you prefer?

Warmer tone

Cooler tone

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