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Andy Art Revisited

Andy ArtSo back in April I posted Blast from the past, which was a post in regards to Andy Evans, who provided the web world with a plethora of FREE animations, icons and tutorials in the 90’s way before it was cool to do so on his website called (Andy’s Art Attack, now Scream Design). In that post I mentioned I had purchase a disc from his website. Well on that disc is a complete copy of his website, well almost complete, it is missing the portfolio which he explained why in that section. I got some good feedback on that previous post so I decided to upload a copy of the site for everyone who knew Andy or anyone interested in Web Design and Web Development in general to travel back in time and take a look at the old site.

Now before you all jump on me for posting this, I have made some serious attempts to track Andy down to gain permission to post this, but with no luck. So Andy if you happen to stumble upon this post and you’re not happy about it, get in touch and I will gladly take it down. If you like the post get in touch anyway, would love to catch up. Here is the website.

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  1. Mesut TUNGA

    Hello Bruce,

    Thank you very much for your kind attention to Andy’s Art Attack. Its our startup to a colourfull web world.

    I can not beleive after 12 years and so many browser revolution, the web site is still running without any error. Its amazing.

    P.S: If Andy gets in touch with you, would you please also tell him get in touch with me or give a voice to web worl 😉


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