A Little Piece of Art

Back in my youth and early adulthood (it’s still early, really!) my 3 favourite subjects were Motorcycle Racing, Wildlife and Surrealism. They are all still up there, I guess the order of love has changed with each subject. These subjects showed up in a lot of my work while completing a BVA degree at JCU in Townsville. I was always drawing as a youngster, so my background has always been in Illustration. But now that I think and look back and compare it to where I am today, it’s more the process of creation and the joy of creating unique pieces was and still is my passion. I love the process of creating a piece of art, be it a painting or a website or taking a photograph. My favourite artist is Salvador Dali, which inspired a few pieces of art in my past. I think the attraction to Dali was his ability to take real life objects and display them in a unique (surreal) setting.

WILDLIFE! One of my all time biggest dreams has always been to live 6mnths out of every year on a property in the middle of Africa where the animals roam free and I can photograph and illustrate these beautiful creatures, something similar to the life and times of Bookey Peek. I’ll keep dreaming for now but you never know right.

I hope you enjoy these examples below, they were all painted/illustrated between 91 – 93. They’re not perfect but represent an important step in my life. :0)

Cheetah in Gouache and Pastel
Honeyeater in Gouache and Pastel
Whale in Gouache
Kookabuarra in pencil
Leopard in Pen and Ink (Pointalism)
Michael Doohan in Gouache
Kevin Schwantz in Gouache
Surreal Pen and Ink
Surreal Pen and Ink

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