365 Days – December (The End)

It’s been a long road this 365 project for the year of 2010. I’m going to take a break from the daily photos. Don’t get me wrong, I will still and always will take daily photos, I just want be pressuring myself to post them every day. I have a few other projects happening this year that will take priority.

December marks the end of my journey of taking 365 iPhone photos for the year, at least one photo per day or multiple photos and choosing my favourite photo of the day from that. . Below is a gallery of my selected iPhone photos from December. All of the photos are taken on the iPhone and edited by the available Apps i have, listed below. See the rest of the years collection right here.

iPhone 4 camera apps used in my photos
Camera+ iPhone App by tap tap tap
Best Camera by Chase Jarvis

365/365 - And That My Friends Was 2010

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